Gothenburg, Sweden’s Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey make up the self-described “minimalistic rock duo” Pale Honey, and they’ve been gaining fans everywhere with their attitude-packed indie rock sound. With Tuva on guitar and vocals and Nelly on drums, they’ve created an intriguing sound that’s packed with distorted guitars, pounding drums, and subtle lo-fi electronic elements to keep things fresh. The duo are busy promoting their recently released self-titled album on Bolero Recordings that’s perfect for fans of edgy garage rock bands like The Dead Weather or The Kills. If any of that sounds awesome to you (which I’m sure it does), then read on to discover amazing new band Pale Honey.



“Tease” serves as the perfect introduction to the duo’s attitude-packed sound. Tuva’s breathy and seductive vocals hook you instantly while the crunchy distorted guitar and a wonderfully moody bass line carry the track throughout its three minute duration. Subtle changes here and there help keep the listener guessing, like the sudden lasers at the 2 minute mark or the fantastic breakdown after the 2:20 mark that features cowbells and busy, fast-paced percussion. It’s simply an awesome track that stays with you long after you’re done listening.



“Youth” is another must-hear track of theirs that shows off a different synth-filled side of their sound. It begins with a simple yet hypnotizing synth line and lo-fi drums as soft mellow vocals lead you in to the heart of the track. Before you know it, loud and crunching guitars explode out of nowhere just before you hit the 1 minute mark as the drums beautifully switch between electronic and acoustic. The track continues to slowly evolve throughout its duration until dizzying guitar and a tambourine-filled beat plays you out.

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