Coming to you from San Francisco comes indie-pop five piece, Panic Is Perfect. Founders Mike Hoffman and Jeremy Belzer actually formed the band while traveling through Southern India before eventually completing things by adding Ty Parker on drums and Joey Hassid on synths. From their forthcoming, yet to be titled EP, “Go Go Go” serves as a great debut single that’s packed with melodies and hooks that will stick in your head long after it’s over, which proves they have a lot to offer. For fans of catchy indie-pop bands like Walk The Moon or Phoenix, Panic Is Perfect is one new band you’ll definitely want to check out.



Kicking things off to a quirky start with soft, French female vocals over a quiet guitar riff, “Go Go Go” demands your attention right away. The infectious indie pop track is packed with catchy guitar riffs, bouncy drum beats, loads of magical, glistening synths, and vocal harmonies that will have you singing along in no time. Right around the 1-minute mark, you’re taken into the chorus that’s packed full of “woahs” and “ahhs,” and from then on it’s a truly enjoyable, hooky ride that will keep having you press replay. “Go Go Go” proves that these guys definitely know how to write catchy, feel-good indie-pop songs that will be hitting alternative radio airwaves in no time.

After hearing their debut single, I’m sure you can’t wait to hear what Panic Is Perfect release next! So show them your support by “liking” their Facebook page and tell them that they need to release their debut EP already! (…but in a nice, non-pushy way of course). And lastly, I’d like to send a shout out to Curator, Callmearry, for turning us on to this awesome new band!

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