According to new artist Paris Carney’s Facebook bio, she’s what it would be like “if Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell had a baby raised by Andre 3000 + a laptop,” and it’s actually kind of a perfect description. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is making a name for herself with her irresistible dark-pop production, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious vocals. If you’re into artists like Tove Lo or Sky Ferreira, read on to discover why we can’t get enough of Paris Carney.



“Riot” is sparkling indie-pop perfection that you can’t help but become lost in. Her smokey-cool vocals glide over the sparkly production, as bubbling electronics and atmospherics carry the track along. The haunting chorus first hits at the 0:36 mark, and you’ll quickly find yourself humming along as she croons “there’s a riot going on in my head/ try to stop it but I know I can’t win/ every night and day is filled with regret.” Her lyrics are honest and totally relatable, which adds to both her and the song’s charm. Fuzzy lo-fi bass synths come in after the 1:11 mark and add a dark electropop vibe to the track, that slowly transforms throughout. It’s a well-crafted and infectious track that you wont get out of your head.



“Send A Prayer” is a slow-grooving, bass-heavy track that has a slight 90s’ R&B/pop vibe. Light and eerie keys, a slow and steady beat, and her smokey croon carry you into the track’s chorus where she lets go as she belts “somebody send a prayer/ cause I need a miracle to get me out of this darkness.” Ghostly electronics add to the beauty and uneasiness of the track’s production, and her emotional vocals totally steal the limelight. She wrote “Send A Prayer” after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and all of the proceeds go to the Red Cross and American Cancer Society when you download the track on iTunes. So what are you waiting for?!



Her gorgeous cover of White Town’s “Your Woman” is definitely worth checking out. A slow and steady clap-filled beat carries everything along, as her ghostly layered backing vocals add a new and fresh touch to the popular song.

Be sure to keep checking out Paris’ SoundCloud to see what she releases next! And don’t forget to click here for even more awesome new music.


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