Up and coming singer-songwriter Peter Wise quickly grabbed our attention with his infectious alt-pop sound that we can’t wait to present to you. The Brooklyn-based new artist is a total triple threat as he has a knack for guitar, piano, and production which all wraps around his soulful croon beautifully. He draws inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean, John Mayer and Sam Smith which all makes sense once you experience his emotional yet pop-infused melodies that will hit you right in the feels. Grab your head phones and read on as we bring you his latest offering, “On The Ground.”



Right now his song “On The Ground” is his only available track on SoundCloud, but it definitely serves as a fantastic intro to his unique yet radio-friendly style. Wise sets the song’s dreamy and stripped-down tone with his lonesome guitar chords and gentle beat that prepares you for the song’s ever evolving structure. The thing I love most about this track are the unexpected elements he throws in just when you think you’ve found the song’s groove— Hazy electronics enter at the 1:50 mark to add a hypnotic and dizzying vibe, before things really take off at the 2:15 mark as tropical percussion and bubbling synths come in to tie it all together. The song begins to cool down as he sings, “we’ve been walking through heaven and hell/ and now we’re on the ground,” leaving you wanting more.



Besides his memorable and emotional originals, Peter also has a few covers up on his YouTube page from artists like Disclosure and Drake that we totally recommend checking out! We were personally feeling his cover of Vampire Weekend's "Ya Hey."

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