In 2014 a mysterious band appeared on the internet under the name “The One and Only PPL MVR,” and they instantly ignited tons of fan conspiracies that these three dudes were actually members of the beloved New York-based band, Brand New. I however, instantly had my own theory, that they were actually just a group of Disneyland nerds (like myself) who wanted to pay tribute to the abominable snowman who lives in the Matterhorn and to the fondly-remembered PeopleMover attraction (okay, okay…maybe I’m alone in this theory?). Regardless, as the trio went on, the Brand New “alter ego” theory seemed to have died down, although we still don’t know much yet about band members K-PO, SNWBLL, and Q, besides the fact that they are based out of Los Angeles and have their character personas down to the T.



“People Mover” is named after the band, but is it their theme song? I’m not sure, but it’s a sludgy, stoner-metal type track that rules pretty hard. Chugging bass, 70s-inspired guitar, and pounding drums keep your head moving throughout its entire duration, as the distorted vocals give their sound an extra punch that makes them stand out from the crowd (as if their costumes didn’t do that already).



“Don’t touch me, don’t/ feels like spiders,” is the opening line to their track “Mad,” and from that very moment you can tell this track is going to be awesome. Once the chorus first hits a little after 1 minute in you’ll be fully consumed, and you can’t help but totally love its attention-demanding, powerful lyrics—“I am mad and confused/ out for blood/ out of booze/ wanna fight/ don’t care if I lose.” It’s a solid song that’s easily one of my favorites. Plus, this video of them performing the track live at Amoeba Music in Hollywood will make you add them to your “must see” list.



And finally, I will leave you with this awesomely theatrical in-character interview that is everything you would hope it to be.

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