Los Angeles-based duo Pr0files are bringing something fresh to the electropop genre with their perfectly moody production, ’80s-influenced synths and ridiculously catchy hooks. Singer-keyboardist Lauren Pardini and guitarist-producer Danny Sternbaum have been writing songs about “sex addiction, hypnotherapy and love” since 2013, and show that they are only getting started. If you’re into synth-heavy indie-pop like Chvrches but can get down with something a little more ‘80s and dreamy, then Pr0files just might be your new favorite band.



Off of their debut EP, Luxury, comes their simply intoxicating single, “Forgive.” The track has an ‘80s feel due to its laser-infused synths, while also featuring a slow-grooving drum machine beat and Pardini’s wonderfully smokey vocals. The chorus is deliciously catchy while the bridge after the 2:00 mark is reminiscent of early ‘80s Madonna (which I totally love!). Its a wonderfully dark and moody pop track that you can’t help but fall in love with.



“Call Yourself A Lover” also has its own ‘80s flavor, but it’s also packed with dark atmospherics, hazy electronics, and echoey drums to help set the gloomy mood. I also can’t help but pay attention to lyrics and hear the emotion in Pardini’s voice as she sings “you call yourself a lover/ but you don’t call me.” After the 2:20 mark her vocals soar to a whole other dreamy level that lasts throughout the track’s duration, making it a totally gorgeous laid back track.



“Get It Up” is a little more upbeat and groovy compared to the previous tracks, but they manage to stay true to their dark pop style. Featuring a pulsing beat, funky synths, and a feel-good chorus, it’s electropop’s sassy answer to disco. Just after the 3-minute mark the track takes on a super Bee Gees-style vocal melody that is sure to get you moving (even if it’s only in your computer chair).

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