Twenty-two year old NYU students Matt Walsh and Jesse Aicher may come from different musical backgrounds, but that didn’t stop them from creating some seriously awesome new music under the name Prelow. Walsh’s love of hip-hop blends nicely with Aicher’s indie-folk background, creating radio-ready indie rock with a unique hip-hop flavor which is sure to blow up any day now. But luckily we here at BitCandy will get you “in the know” in no time.



When I first heard this song, I found myself thinking, “he can’t really be saying what I think he is…” until finally realizing that he was totally saying what I thought he was. The lyrics in question are, “And my dick takes over/ And I’m thinking about your lips/ But we’re too damn sober/ For mistakes like this,” which are refreshingly real and relatable to any young person (male or female! Girls can be guilty of “thinking” with their sexual organs too…) trying to fight temptation while partying too hard. The song is a catchy blend of indie rock with a hip hop beat, which is perfect for radio (well, maybe except for the “dick” part). This is the song that will send them to the big leagues.



“Simple Song” is a little more on the hip-hop side, featuring less guitar and more bass and drum machines. The title is very matter of fact and spot on, being that “Simple Song” features very minimal vocals besides “simple things we didn’t have to say,” and it’s only a little over 2 minutes long. Regardless, it is still worth checking out as it shows off their sound while giving you a taste of what you can expect from them in the future.



“For the Team” is a mellow, bass-heavy track featuring sultry electric guitar and a slow, hip-hop beat. The song gives me a vibe reminiscent of something The Neighbourhood would be into, with its chill vibe and sexy vocals.

Since you are now aware of how awesome these guys are, you should show them some support and give them some more Facebook “likes” (they barely have over 1,000…let’s help em out!). Besides, that way you will be the first to know when they release new material because I know you’re already waiting for more.

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