Minneapolis-native Quigley is taking the electropop world by storm with her captivatingly unique vocal style and her playful production technique that she simply describes as “pretty.” The songwriter-producer is currently busy promoting her debut EP, Initium, and it’s a welcomed breath of fresh air that we highly recommend.



Her debut single, “Lost Again,” is the perfect introduction to her delightfully quirky sound. The track is packed with playful electronic elements like bouncing synths and bubbly beats that make you want to come back for repeat listens again and again. Her sugary sweet vocals add a soothing tone to the song, especially during the chorus when she repeats the lines, “come with me and you’ll never be lost again.”



“Beginning of Anything” begins with thumping beats, hypnotizing bass, and fuzzy synths that keep up with her fun electropop sound. Once the chorus hits about 1 minute in, you can’t help but feel good and sing along as she reassures you, “this is the beginning even if we don’t know where to start.” Some of my favorite lyrics of hers are featured in this song, like “face the uncertainty of growing” and “truth is a socially constructed point of view,” making it a solid and memorable track.



Besides having an awesome song title that I wish I thought of first, “Post Post Apocalypse” is a ridiculously fun and cute song that you can’t help but love. Beginning with an urgent drum machine beat and magical sounding chimes, I was instantly hooked. Once the chorus hits, you’ll be singing along as she sings “everybody dance and shake your hips/ everybody dance like it’s the post post apocalypse.” I love the breakdown around the 2:00 mark that’s packed with sparkling chimes and glitchy robotic elements that make for a super catchy track.

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you loved what you heard and want more from this awesome new artist! So be sure to show Quigley your love and support by “liking” her Facebook page and tell her we say “hi!”. And lastly, if you need even more new music in you life then click here.



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