“Hello. I make music” is the only thing in Re/search/er’s Facebook description, and he apparently has a thing for chocolate croissants (but don’t we all?). The Southern California-based electronic producer grabbed our attention with his perfectly crafted beats and intriguing use of electronics that make for something fresh and totally impressive.



Coming in at over 7 minutes in length, “Temporary Ghost” takes you on a journey through ever-changing soundscapes that make for an awesome listening experience. The track begins with an urgent clap-filled ticky beat that blends wonderfully with bubbly electronics, while ghostly falsetto vocals give the track an almost haunting edge that fans of Thom Yorke will appreciate. I love how the track transforms over time, like the weird vocal samples after the 3:10 mark that lead you into an eerie electronic whirlwind as he sings fantastically strange lyrics like “when your eyes are folded in.” One of my favorite moments is right before you hit the 5 minute mark as things become beautifully chaotic, or after the 6 minute mark when synths are briefly introduced. It’s definitely a very busy track with a lot going on, but it manages to sound well-crafted and carefully thought out.



“Frightening Myself” is definitely worth checking out, if simply for the loud and raw drums alone. Space-age sounding electronics slowly come into the picture along with futuristic synths and atmospherics. Things grow more chaotic after the 4:25 mark when it sounds like a space ship is in the middle of malfunctioning as the drums quickly become more and more frantic. It’s easily my favorite track of his so far.



For his digital album, You to Me, which you can download for free on his Bandcamp page, he remixed tracks by Fiona Apple, Laundry League, Bjork, and Eva Brown. His remix of Fiona Apple’s “Hot Knife” definitely takes on a life of its own, with chopped up vocals and little hints of the drums and piano of the original.

If you want more from re/search/er, follow him on SoundCloud and show him your support. And if you need even more new music in your life, then head on over here.


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