From Atlanta, Georgia comes 22 year old Rome Fortune. He already started making a name for himself with last year’s Beautiful Pimp mixtape and his follow up, Beautiful Pimp II is proving that this new artist has the talent and unique style to have what it takes to become the next big thing in hip-hop. His style is really unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and I’m sure he’ll put you under his spell from the second you start listening.



Once I discovered that this guy is working on multiple tracks with English producer Four Tet, I knew I would be into his work. “One Time For,” produced by Four Tet, features space-age synths mixed with a drum machine beat (that sounds like a mini marching band) that mixes together to create a ambient, futuristic vibe. Fortune’s flow really gets going up until he stops around the one minute mark and changes his flow to an almost sing-song rapping style that makes you want to hum along.



"Lights Low" is the follow up to “One Time For” and I absolutely love what Four Tet did with this futuristic, intergalactic beat. It features space-age sounding synths and drum machines which fits perfectly under Rome Fortune’s verses that sound as if he’s playing a mellow game of word association with himself (and don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome). I think this might be my favorite track of his that I’ve heard so far. It’s a must listen.



Barely coming in at two and a half minutes long, “Trap Lady” (produced by Suicide Year and Out The Pound) will leave you wanting more of Suicide Year’s magical sounding synths and Fortune’s intriguing lyrical style. I absolutely love the synths in this track, and the way Fortune’s verses come in before the drum machine starts. With lyrics like “I go in for the kill/ Lips between both thighs/ In a sideways position,” it’s a straight to the point love song…kinda.

Since I’m sure you liked what you heard and want more, make sure to show Rome Fortune some love by “liking” his FaceBook page and see what he does next!

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