New Los Angeles-based songstress RYDER is bound to be the next indie-pop sensation as she’s already creating major buzz with her two tracks, “Ruins” and “Pretty Little Gangster.” Fans of edgy female artists like Lana Del Rey and Sky Ferreria will totally fall in love with her sparkling indie pop sound as it packs a dark and sultry edge that’s wonderfully refreshing. We still have no idea why this girl isn’t signed yet, but we’re sure that’s about to change any day now! Read on to discover the captivating sound of RYDER.



“Ruins" is an epic pop-ballad of a track with throbbing R&B-infused bass and thundering electronic beats that work together to create a wonderfully dramatic atmosphere. Her echoing vocals draw you in right from the very beginning, and she finally breaks free for the emotional and hard-hitting chorus that first hits just after the 0:45 mark. “I wont return to the ruins” she declares over moody synths, as the booming bass serves as the perfect platform for her powerful vocal delivery. The ridge that hits right around the 3:00 mark is definitely one of my favorite moments, as her delicate and almost haunting-sounding vocals create a dizzying whirlwind that quickly builds in intensity. It’s a strong and perfectly-crafted track that proves she is destined for big things.



“Pretty Little Gangster” was her debut single, and once you give it a listen it won't come as a surprise to learn that this was a huge hit on SoundCloud. The tribal percussion sets a tone that is quite different from “Ruins,” while Lana Del Rey would totally approve of the way she delivers lines like “Hollywood the land of stars/ shattered dreams they’ll break your heart…it’s my anthem.” The percussion is backed by booming bass, sparkling synths, and subtle atmospherics to create the perfect mood that is both haunting and romantic. It’s hard to not become completely obsessed with this song.

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