It’s only a matter of time before you start hearing 20-year old Sara Hartman on the radio in between popular artists like Sara Bareilles or Rachel Platten, as her debut track, “Monster Lead Me Home,” is destined to make her a pop hit! The young singer-songwriter recently moved from New York to Berlin where she is busy working on her upcoming debut album, which we’re sure will be packed with even more heartfelt melodies and strong vocals to keep us singing along. Sara is already gaining momentum by supporting MS MR on their recent tour, and she’s quickly becoming a popular name among the blogging community.



“Monster Lead Me Home” is a seriously powerful debut single, as it embodies all of the necessary qualities for a memorable and infectious song. You can sense the track’s sense of urgency right from the start as piano and playful percussion suck you in to the track’s wonderfully catchy chorus that first hits at the 0:46 mark. The song was inspired by her recent move across the world, and with lyrics like “a long way, way, way from comfort/ keep our backs to the cold,” and “monster take me somewhere/ where I can see my breath in the air,” you can’t help but find her longing for adventure totally infectious. There’s a quick break after the 2:45 mark where you’re briefly met with distant-sounding sun-kissed guitar that adds a touch of warmth, before quickly guiding you back into the chorus. Coming in at just under 4 minutes in length, it’s a beautifully crafted and catchy single that proves that this new artist means serious business.

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