Started by producer/multi-instrumentalist Dan Mufson and singer Jill Lamoureux, Los Angeles based new band Scavenger Hunt has been making infectious ‘80s-inspired indie-pop since the summer of 2013. They list Stevie Nicks and Lionel Ritchie as some of their influences, along with movies like Back To The Future and Mannequin…and once you listen it all makes sense. The band is busy promoting their debut self-titled EP, which is packed with nostalgic electronic elements, catchy vocal melodies, and plenty of synths. If any of that sounds awesome to you (which I’m sure it does), then read on discover Scavenger Hunt.



“Lost” is a ridiculously catchy song that serves as a great introduction to their infectious synth-pop sound. With cute and memorable lyrics like, “like a song I used to know/ I lost the lyrics long ago,” the song will be stuck in your head long after it’s over. It has an awesome tropical-vibe to it as it’s packed with sparkling synths, thumping bass, and a bouncy drum machine beat. There’s a bunch of well thought-out elements going on that showcases their knack for production and makes for a simply awesome track that you’ll easily get “lost” in. (I’m sorry…I had to do it.)



“Dreamers” is super ‘80s-influenced and you can’t help but love it. It starts off with big, echoey drums, funky electric guitar and bass, and blasts of synths that grab you right off the bat. As the track continues there’s quick little blasts of sparkling electronics that add to it’s retro-futuristic vibe which serves as a nice touch. The breakdown after the 3 minute mark features an appropriately retro-sounding guitar solo as backing vocals beg you to sing along to their “oh-oh’s” as the track fades out.

Since I’m sure you couldn’t help but fall in love with these guys, head on over to Scavenger Hunt’s Facebook page and show them your support! And if you need even more awesome BitCandy-approved new music in your life then click here.


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