Sebell (or [SEBELL] if you’re fancy) is a brand new singer-songwriter dabbling in everything from piano-driven ballads to bouncy pop songs with a dancey flare—or as he puts it, “carefully crafted pop sonics that fray in all the right places.” …Epic. The Canada-native has left Nashville for Los Angeles and has been stirring up serious buzz with his hooky debut single, “Til The Sun Goes Out,” and it’s only a matter of time before it hits the mainstream. If you’re into catchy R&B-flavored pop acts like The Neighbourhood but want something a little more upbeat and fresh, then read on to fall in love with Sebell.



"See Through Heart” is a gorgeous piano-filled ballad that’s just waiting to be added to soundtracks and mushy mix tapes everywhere. Starting off with nothing but piano and Sebell’s strong vocals, subtle atmospherics and echoey drums are introduced that add to the intensity of the dramatic pop ballad. After the 2:40 mark the song reaches it’s climax with marching drums and echoey bells, but doesn’t go off track for long as it gets back into the swing of things rather quickly. It’s a solid, well-crafted pop song that shows off his many styles of songwriting.



His latest single, “Til The Sun Burns Out,” is an awesomely feel-good pop song with an infectious EDM flare that I can’t get enough of. Being packed with everything from piano, powerful electric guitar chords, synths, big drums, and a super catchy chorus filled with “ooh-oh-oohs,” it’s a super catchy track that you’ll keep coming back to. Plus with lyrics like “love you till the sun goes out/ and I’ll chase away your clouds,” you can’t help but fall into a good mood.



"Promiseland” begins with a simple drum beat, piano, and orchestral-sounding synths (or strings? I don’t know but it’s awesome and that’s what matters) before throwing you into the beautifully catchy chorus that features Sebell’s angelic vocals. The song goes through various slight changes that keeps it interesting throughout, like the breakdown around the 2:10 mark that’s full of marching drums that causes the emotion to build and build.

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