Is buzzed-about new artist SERAMIC a one-man project? A chick with a really deep voice, perhaps? Or maybe SERAMIC is a duo or even a fun little trio? Well, I’ll stop speculating because we really don’t know, as they’re keeping a fashionably mysterious profile, but SERAMIC quickly grabbed our attention with their soothing electro-soul debut, “People Say.” It’s a gloomy, emotional, and totally captivating whirlwind of gospel-style vocals and sweeping electronics that we cannot wait to share with you. Read to discover the newest addition to your “new music” playlist!



“People always say/ I am in love” a soulful voice croons as a lonesome beat and soothing backing atmospherics pull you under its spell. Subtle, barely-there electric guitar teases you in the background before a choir full of voices comes in and takes the song to a whole other emotionally intense level for the bone-chilling chorus. Some sparkling keys hit soon after the 1:30 mark which serves as a charmingly magical touch that sticks around for the rest of the track’s nearly 4 minute duration. The brief breakdown at the 3:00 mark catches you off guard as the choir of voices swirls into a dizzying and urgent melody that grows in intensity along with the track’s beat and guitar. Everything finally breaks free before the track’s final fuzzy moments, allowing you to cool down. All in all, “People Say” is an intoxicating debut track that will leave listeners hungry for more.

If you’re anything like us here at BitCandy, we are eagerly anticipating SERAMIC’s next release! So be sure to show him (or them?) your support by liking their Facebook page. And don’t forget to check out even more awesome new music in the meantime by heading over here.


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