SHALLOWS is a hot new electropop duo out of Los Angeles that was started after singer Dani Poppitt and guitarist/producer Marshall Gallagher met at a wild and crazy house party, where they’d soon find out they’d be the perfect match for creating solid pop music. Their debut single, “Summer Sucks,” is here just in time to get you pumped for warmer weather, and once you hear their shimmering guitars and synthed-out production, you’ll be defenseless to their infectious dance-inducing sound. For fans of artists like Robyn, M83, or even Ace Of Base, you’ll find yourself totally immersed in the 80s-influenced yet disco-tinted sounds of Shallows. Read on to discover your soon to be new favorite.



“Summer Sucks” is the duo’s debut single, and it’s already getting everyone hooked on their sound and eager for what they’ll release next. The track is a blissful neon day dream full of synths, 80s’-inspired drum machine beats, claps, and Poppitt’s attention-grabbing vocals. Once the chorus first hits just after the 1:00 mark, you can’t help but be reminded of a disco-inspired Debbie Harry when it comes to Poppit’s vocals, while shimmering synths and stand-out lyrics like “you gotta learn to let it go” will have you singing along in no time. After the 3:10 mark, things are broken up a bit with a short but sweet bridge until you’re quickly sucked back into the groove of the track. It’s a well-crafted pop song that’s catchy as hell and we’re totally in love.

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