When high school BFFs Susanna Friberg and Sophia Englund aren’t busy doing “jawesome alien stuff,” they’re busy making infectious electropop under the awesome but hard-to-google name, Sharks. The DJ and producer duo hail from Stockholm, Sweden and have some serious skills when it comes to making insanely catchy electropop that’s perfect for both the club or your daily commute. (I think it’s only a matter of time before their debut single “Wait” is featured on an episode of Girls.) If you like high energy dance music packed with encouraging and easy to remember lyrics, then Sharks will definitely be your new favorite duo.



Prepare yourself, because this will totally be the next dance-pop anthem! In the vein of Icona Pop’s infectious hit, “I Don’t Care,” “Wait” is a ridiculously fun and catchy club banger that I’ve had on replay all night. The track begins with a hard-hitting beat that’s perfect for clapping along, before getting into the care-free lyrics that carry the song--“Sent out a million texts to all your friends/ ‘Cause we’re never leaving, no.” The track goes on to feature tons of synths and even more uplifting gang-vocals about living while you’re young. In other words, it includes all of the necessary pieces of a solid electropop banger that you'll instantly become obsessed with.



Although “Jump” is probably not as radio-friendly as “Wait,” it’s totally perfect for the club as it’s packed with a thumping beat and synths that sound like blasts of lasers which carry the energy throughout the track’s duration.  It has the perfect amount of shout-along lyrics (“start jumping!”) and plenty of build ups and drops that will definitely keep the party going whether you’re in your car or at the club.

Since I’m sure you’re now addicted to what Sharks has to offer, be sure to show them your love and support by “liking” their Facebook page! And if you need even more new music to keep your personal party going, then head on over here for some BitCandy-approved greatness.


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