New band Sheer Mag is delivering the blast of attitude and loud riffs that I think we’ve all been craving. The South Philly five piece packs plenty of punk attitude and garage rock sensibilities into their sound, while still managing to have the classic rock edge that even your dad could appreciate. It’s like a striking blend between classics like Suzi Quatro, the Rolling Stones, The Stooges, and Bikini Kill. So if that sounds awesome to you (which I’m sure it does), then I suggest you read on to discover the perfect soundtrack to your summer.



“Hard Lovin” is the energetic blast of fun that is causing everyone (including myself) to fall completely in love with this band. Right away you're hit with lead singer Christina Halladay’s powerhouse vocals that ooze sass and attitude, along with perfectly distorted electric guitars and pounding drums that will snap you out of whatever kind of funk that you’re in. With lyrics like “she gave me hard loving baby and I’m hard on you/ It’s the only thing I know how to do,” it’s the perfect rock song we needed.



“Button Up” is their latest single off of their brand new EP, which is simply titled II, and I think it might be my favorite track of their's yet! It’s super lo-fi sounding with lead guitarist Kyle Seely’s fuzzy power chords almost drowning out the sound of Halladay’s vocals (hey— I said almost.). The vocals are melodic but with a bratty Kathleen Hannah-vibe that I totally love as she sings carefree lines like, “you don’t like the way that I walk/ don’t like the way that I talk/ don’t like the clothes that I wear/ don’t like the way that I comb my hair.”

Since I’m sure you’re like me and you now can’t get enough of Sheer Mag, check out their Bandcamp page and download their new EP! And if you need even more BitCandy-approved new music in your life, then head on over here.



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