If you’re a fan of alt-pop artists like Charlie XCX or Marina and The Diamonds, then stop what you’re doing and read on because SIZZY ROCKETS (real name Sabrina Bernstein) will totally be one of your favorite new artists! The Las Vegas native is now based out of New York, and her attitude packed indie pop sound is making her new album, Thrills, a solid debut. With memorable lyrics, infectious melodies, and plenty of synths, it’s easy to see why we here at BitCandy are completely smitten.



I LOVE this song! “Bad Kids” sounds like a 1980s’ teen dream and I am completely obsessed. Bubbling throbbing synths and retro video game-inspired electronics make for a totally refreshing pop track that you can’t help but love. The chorus’ vocal melody will become instantly stuck in your head as she sings, “we got that bad blood runnin’ through the night/ cuz we were born with trouble in our eyes.” It’s a glitchy yet nostalgic symphony of bleeps, bloops, and plenty of synths. I can’t say enough good things about this song.



“Thrills” is a sassy attitude-packed track full of super cute noteworthy lyrics, fuzzy guitars, and sugary singalong vocal melodies. Beginning with bubbly electronics, you’ll be totally hooked by the time she says “take you back for a glitter champagne bang heart attack” (yeah, we aren’t sure what that means either but it sure does sound cool.) The chorus first hits just before the 0:40 mark, and her strong vocals take center stage as she admits she’s simply “doing it for the thrills.” I love how the track ends after the 2:40 mark, and she softly talk-sings the words “sippin’ ‘til we’re high/sip-sippin’ ’til we’re high.”

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