Dublin two-piece, Slow Skies, are here to take you on a deliciously moody journey with their atmospheric, alternative pop songs that are perfect for chilly nights at home. With lead vocalist Karen Sheridan’s milky vocals and Conal Herron’s blend of soothing electronic elements, their latest EP, Keepsakes, has what it takes to become the perfect addition to your “chill out” playlists. For fans of bands like Sigur Ros or Explosions In The Sky, this is one band you will not want to pass up.



“Bodies” is a melancholy slow-burner that showcases Sheridan’s gorgeously chilling vocals. The track has an ambient feel to it, as it features slowly sparkling electric guitar and subtle drums. Things begin to grow more intense around the 2:50 mark, as everything begins to swell until it climaxes around 3:30, making this track a completely epic alt-pop masterpiece that will stick with you long after it's over. It sounds like a walk on the beach on a quiet, gloomy day, and I simply love it.



“Ice Field” is not as gloomy-sounding as “Bodies,” but it’s still a hauntingly beautiful and emotionally charged track. I instantly fell for the song just seconds in, with its blend of glockenspiel (at least I think that’s what I hear? Or whatever it is, I’m into it!), bass, and echoey backing vocals. Featuring a slow, spacious beat that evolves over time and atmospheric guitars, the track will have you entering a dreamlike state as Sheridan’s delicate vocals flow over it effortlessly. This is a great example of their gorgeous production, raw vocals, and knack for creating a totally blissful listening experience.

Since I’m sure you’re like me and loved what you heard, head on over to Slow Skies' Facebook page and show them your support! And lastly, I’d like to send a big shout out to Curator, Callmearry, for sharing this awesome new duo with us!

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