Get ready, because in the very near future you’re going to be seeing the name ST. ALBION popping up on music blogs and cool-kid music festival line ups everywhere. Thomas Honeywill, aka St. Albion is a new Australian songwriter/producer who is quickly gaining attention with his debut single, “Hold On,” which is getting him placed among indie electronic artists like Flume, Odesza and Purity Ring. So far we can tell this new producer is on his way to becoming a “chill out” playlist favorite as he manages to beautifully craft moody electronics and pop sensibilities for a unique and refreshing blend that you won't want to pass up on. So stop listening to the same old stuff and get ready to introduce yourself to St. Albion.



“Hold On” features the very talented Teischa, a young songstress based out of Perth whose emotional and smokey vocals were the perfect fit for this debut single. Menacing keys, bouncing synths, and bass heavy electronics make this a beautifully gloomy track while the shimmering electronics and melodic vocals give it the perfect touch of pop likability. Teischa’s vocals switch between powerful and almost Adele-like, to warped and unexpectedly demonic which I thought was a great touch. There are little moments like this sprinkled throughout the track’s nearly 4 minute duration that shows St. Albion is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. If “Hold On” is any indicator for what’s to come next, we seriously cannot wait.

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