The South London duo, Sylas, are creating some totally well-deserved buzz with their very first EP, Shore. They just signed to the UK label, Aesop, and are even endorsed by Brian Eno himself! Although these guys are still somewhat mysterious (but I mean who needs to know their names, really?), their soothing vocals and perfectly moody production will capture your ears instantly. If you like dark and brooding experimental pop but want something fresh and new, then Sylas is the duo you’ve been waiting for.



Their very first release, “Hollow,” is a beautiful introduction to what these guys have to offer. Besides making a lot of people think “James Blake?,” it features an interesting back and forth between vocal styles. The vocals begin very low and distorted, before switching to a more melodic, ear-pleasing style that swells into something truly heavenly. The music itself is wonderfully melancholy and atmospheric with a sparse, echoey beat which sets the highly emotional mood. All of the elements work together to create a completely intense and memorable listening experience that will instantly turn you into a fan.



Coming in at just over three minutes, their second release, “Shore,” is atmospheric but a bit more contained than “Hollow.” The track features haunting electronic elements including a pulsating beat, slowly swelling synths, and soft, soothing vocals that are instantly captivating. The elements slowly transform, as the beat takes a slightly more urgent turn around the 1:23 mark which kicks the emotion up a notch. Although “Hollow” was by all means awesome, I have to say that “Shore” is truly amazing and worthy of being the title-track of their EP.

After hearing “Hollow” and “Shore,” I highly doubt that I’m alone in anticipating more of their material! So make sure to follow their SoundCloud page to stay in the know. And lastly, I’d like to send a huge thank you to Curator, Body, for sharing this awesome new find with us!


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