24 year old Dan Smith, aka T.O.L.D. (The Order of Life and Death), is putting his own twist on the synth-pop genre with his usage of steel drums and brooding vocals that create a tropical yet dark sound that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. The London-native now lives in Los Angeles where he's busy promoting his debut EP, Heaven, which sounds like something Depeche Mode would write while vacationing on an island (which is totally awesome, by the way). If a mix of dark ‘80s-style pop, Bastille, and Depeche Mode sounds good to you, then read on to discover fresh new artist T.O.L.D.



His debut single, “Lucifer’s Eyes,” begins with tropical-sounding steel drums and shiny electric guitars that pull you into the track instantly. As it goes on you run into a slowly pulsating beat, synths, and shakers that act as a great way to mix up the percussion as his smooth croon swells over it all. It’s both dark and uplifting at the same time and serves as a great example of his signature sound.



Smith teamed up with Ioanna Gika (of indie rock band Io Echo) on his track “In Low Light,” that begins with a wonderfully haunting bass line and subtle atmospherics before growing into a pulsating beat-filled electropop track. As it continues, the beat introduces claps and angelic backing vocals that create a slow-swelling and blissful vibe. He switches things up yet again around the 3:30 mark by introducing fuzzy EDM-sounding synths that go away as quickly as they came in, ending the track with beautifully eerie vocals.

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