Melbourne quintet Total Giovani have been spawning impromptu dance parties all over the world with their energetic disco sound (or as they describe it, a blend of heartbreak-house, shamanic disco, and synth boogie jams). The five-piece is known for their infamous live shows and crazy costumes that make for a super fun and unique experience that the music world has been lacking. If you're into move-inducing artists like LCD Soundsystem, Of Montreal, or simply need the soundtrack to your next party, then read on to discover awesome new band, Total Giovanni.



“Human Animal” is the band’s first single, and its a wonderfully groovy introduction to their energetic sound. The track is packed with funky guitar and bass and rhythms that will keep you dancing throughout the track’s entire 6 minute duration. The track slowly transforms as it goes on, like after the 2:15 mark when the guitar and vocals become more melodic and disco-infused before going into a snap-filled breakdown to break things up.



“Can’t Control My Love” is a slow-grooving (but still very much grooving) disco jam that grabbed my attention right from the very beginning. The track features ticking percussion, a smooth beat, fast-picked guitar and some awesome falsetto vocals that give the track a Bee Gees-style flare. I love the keyboard breakdown just before the 2:50 mark that gives way to claps, a bouncy bass line, and eventually funky sounding electronics that give the track a magical-sounding ending. Also, the video itself is totally worth watching as it follows a group of ‘90s suburban kids causing trouble in flannel shirts and playing some old school Nintendo (aka it’s awesome.)



“Paradise” is one of their moodier tracks as it’s carried by pulsating bass, a smooth-grooving beat, and sultry piano notes that give the track a sassy vibe. After about 2 minutes in, things start sounding a little more uplifting with shimmering keys that make way for falsetto backing vocals and a urgent beat.

Since I’m sure you loved what you heard and want to keep on dancing, head over to their Facebook page and show them your support! And lastly, if you want even more BitCandy-approved new music, click here.

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