New York’s TOTEM is quickly making a name for himself with his emotionally charged alternative pop-ballads and captivating R&B-laced vocals. The singer-songwriter is currently promoting his ‘Echoes’ EP, and it’s full of epic pop production, haunting electronics, and strong choruses that are bound to get him featured on The CW (come on— being featured on a teen drama is definitely not a bad way to promote yourself!) So read on to discover one of BitCandy’s favorite new artists!



“Comfortable” is a slow-grooving pop jam about not wanting to be in a boring, “comfortable” relationship. His powerful pop vocals soar over an echoing beat, sparkling keys, and soaring atmospherics that guide you in to the track’s powerful chorus that’s beautifully memorable. All in all, it would make a band like One Republic totally jealous that they didn't write this song first.



“All Falls Down” starts off with snaps, softly picked electric guitar, drums and atmospherics that slowly build into the track’s bittersweet chorus. “If tonight is the last night we share before it all falls down/ wanna get lost in you, baby/ I swear I’m gonna leave you begging,” he croons, making this track an ode to the weirdness and beauty that can come from breakup sex. The track has a catchy 80s’-influenced pop/R&B vibe that totally works for his vocal style, and it shines after the 2:30 mark when the emotionally charged bridge comes into play.



Starting off on a slow burning and dramatic note, you can tell he’s preparing you for something big on his track “Unrequited.” For most of the track’s duration, softly swelling keys, subtle guitars, and his heavily croon keep you on the edge of your seat, as distant drums and sparkling electronics timidly make their entrance and take you to the track’s bass-filled ending.

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