Los Angeles-based quintet Verre is quickly making a name for themselves with their intriguing blend of indie and ‘90s-style pop rock that’s totally infectious. Members Alice, Mike, Kristina, Chris, and Brandon have been releasing a series of videos, or "visualettes" as they call them, that serve as visual aids to their new songs as part of their ‘Frames’ series. Once you hear their latest single, “Taste The Sky,” you’ll quickly see why their catchy pop melodies, well-crafted guitar and mystical electronic elements are a breath of fresh air. If you’re a fan of ‘90s alt-pop (but I mean, who isn’t?!) and want to hear what happens when you give it a current pop flare, then Verre is one band you’ll totally want to check out.



“Taste The Sky” has a magical, epic feel right from the start with big, thundering beats, dramatic atmospherics and sparkling guitars that instantly suck you in. Once the vocals come in, you can’t help but get a ‘90s Alanis Morissette vibe that I totally love. After the 2:25 mark, things get a little stripped down with soothing atmospherics and bass lines that mix with the breathy vocals wonderfully. A guitar solo hits just after the 3:30 mark that’s warm and hazy, serving as the perfect way to end the dreamy track. Over all, it’s a solid song with a strong chorus that at times will make you feel like you time traveled back to 1996.



“Mad” is sexy, calming, and totally one of my favorite tracks of their’s as it shows off their diverse sound. Beginning with nothing but stripped down piano notes and lead singer Alice singing “breathe me in,” things quickly take off once the drums and guitars come in. The song keeps its mellow vibe throughout its nearly 4 minute duration but with little surprises here and there to keep things interesting. I love what happens at the 1:40 mark, as things get briefly fuzzy before quickly going back into the swing of things.

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