New artist Sarah Winters aka Vōx is bringing something new to the singer-songwriter genre with her blend of hip-hop beats and ethereal electronic elements, while still managing to work in classic piano-driven qualities. The Los Angeles-based singer has been compared to the likes of other innovative dark-pop artists like Lorde and Regina Spektor, and once you hear tracks like “Claws” and “Put The Poison In Me” it’s easy to see why. Read on to discover why we here at Bitcandy can’t get enough of Vōx!



Her latest single, “Claws,” is gaining all kinds of praise and serves as the perfect introduction to her innovative sound. The track catches you by surprise as it begins with dizzying harp notes and a slow-paced hip-hop beat as her smokey vocals draw you in. Things get stripped down briefly around 40 seconds in as she warns, “there are wild things in me,” as soaring electronics lead you in to the beat-lead chorus. I love the vibe everything takes on after the 2:20 mark as she declares “you can have me like a queen” over soaring atmospherics and a wonderfully fast-paced ticking beat. It’s a haunting and stand-out track that you’ll want to keep coming back to again and again.



“Put The Poison In Me” is totally my favorite song of hers and will stick in your head long after you’re done listening. It’s a piano-driven breakup song that showcases her wonderfully strong vocal style and awesome songwriting skills. The lyrics definitely stand out to me and you can hear the emotion behind her vocals as she sings, “put the poison in me/ pop the cork and dig deep,” before declaring “you’re no good for me.” Every line packs a heartbreaking and emotional punch that really makes this track shine.



“Money” is definitely worth checking out as it takes you in a number of different directions and shows off yet another side of her sound. It all begins with nothing but her layered vocals singing the lines, “blood thirsty/ we are so hungry,” before menacing synths and drum machine beats lead you in to the heart of the track. As swirling beats and her taunting vocal melody begin to take shape, things take an unexpectedly dark turn after the 1:30 mark as moody atmospherics and gloomy keys shift the track in yet another direction.

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