Glasgow-based quintet WHITE is bringing back the “art-pop” genre of the early 2000’s that spawned bands like The Faint and the Arctic Monkeys, but they’re adding their own unique and fresh twist. WHITE’s highly anticipated upcoming debut, Cuts that Don’t Bleed, is packed full of raw garage rock riffs and moody bass lines that will keep you coming back for more. The blogosphere has been lacking solid bands like this for a while now, so we are super excited to share the sounds of one of our favorite new bands, WHITE, with you today.



“I Like You Better When You Needed Me” is an edgy mess of bass heavy beats, scratchy and gritty guitar riffs, and a chorus of hook-filled harmonies that you’ll quickly find yourself coming back to. The track kicks things off with menacing loud guitars and playful bass lines that serve as the perfect backbone to lead singer Leo Condie’s distinctive croon. It’s a catchy garage rock track with a sassy and gritty edge that makes the track a perfect choice for a single.



“Fight The Feeling” is a groovy dance-inducing track that would make Franz Ferdinand proud. The disco-punk track is a in-your-face blast of grooving drum beats, dancey guitar licks and some wonderfully intense synthesizer-work that hit about half way through the track. Condie’s vocals really shine on this one. Things take a wonderful turn on at the 1:28 mark with an energy packed bridge that pulls the tension up to a whole other level.



“Step Up” starts building itself up from the start with pulsating bass, chugging guitar rifs, skittering hi-hat beats and Condie’s whispery vocals demanding you to “wake up.” It all builds into a wildly frantic whirlwind just after the 0:45 mark with distorted vocals, punchy bass, and static-heavy guitar riffs before taking you back into the steady heart of the track. Around 2 minutes in things get whisper-heavy and intense, as you can tell you’re going to be quickly built back up into a delightfully frantic ride to the track’s ending.

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