London-based singer-songwriter Laura Wolfie first made the rounds in 2013 with her hype-creating single “Reflections,” which seems to have disappeared from the internet, but none of that matters now because she has ditched the “Laura” from her name and she is back! Her two new ridiculously catchy singles, “I Be Ghost” and “Come Over” are solid tracks with mainstream appeal that are sure to send her to the top of the pop-R&B genre.



Her latest single “I Be Ghost” is produced by Levi Lennox and oozes confidence as it’s about not letting anyone (especially a guy) hold you down. The slow-grooving track starts out with far away sounding electronic elements as her vocals slowly come in and she declares, “it’s not that I’m not liking you/ just ain’t got time to waste.” Once the chorus hits after the one minute mark you’ll be totally hooked with its fast-paced ticking beat and her memorable lyrics about doing what’s best for yourself. The track ends on an awesomely hypnotic and dizzying note that will leave you wanting more.



“Come Over” is produced by Scottish producer Show N Prove, and is packed with vocal melodies and beats that make for a totally stellar track that I cannot get enough of. She croons, “wont you come over babe?” as she yearns for that special someone to stop playing hard to get and make things happen already. Claps and a fast-paced vocal melody lead you into the infectious chorus that hits right around the 1 minute mark that’s packed with multiple percussion layers and sparkling electronic elements. It’s a solid R&B-pop song that is easily my favorite of hers so far.

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