Some people say that psychedelic music is just an ancient slice of the pop culture cake that simply exists as a ‘flavor of fantasy’ genre for nostalgic psychonauts to cling to. Then again, a psychedelic music fan that antagonizes fellow fans instead of slicing past the pop culture stereotypes to experience the truth of kaleidoscopic audioverse, is no true fan at all.

Today, we bring to your audio tastebuds the delicious, retro-nostalgia dipped tunes of a breezy psych-pop duo known as Wunder Wunder. Thanks to BitCandy curator Higgins for sharing this awesome discovery with us.

We live in a world where the word “summer pop” has turned into another commercial sonic niche to milk that would probably flood your search results with songs by Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, and a new instrumental flavor of the season to convince people to twerk to. Even the world of indietronica doesn’t bother much to challenge the status quo of mainstream pop, which explains why there are pop stars that make even Yoko Ono sound like John Lennon.

the music never stops even when it should

These Australia-born California transplants come together to brew a warm fuzzy beverage of harmony that blends sugary synth-magic with rumbling psych guitars. The opening hook of their hit single “Everything infinite is what we are” embodies the ‘till death do us part’ collaboration of pop progressions all the way back from the 60’s to the present (and beyond).  It’s also a not so subtle reference to that old Sixties chestnut of “we’re all connected by the universe man – pass me the joint.”

Needless to say, the music is trippy enough to make you feel like this without the drugs.

Can't tell if gif or image

Wunder Wunder’s dreamy hooks, themes of universal harmony, and irresistible childhood nostalgia, build the foundation of inspiration for their music. However, the influences from noble contemporaries like Tame Impala, MGMT, and Temples, simply cannot be ignored. Fortunately, their refreshing production adds a sonic sweetness to their catalog that can effortlessly weave in between moments of carefree danceability and existential contemplation.



‘Coastline’ is another magnificent throwback to the classic beachside highway cruising in a convertible while soaking in the sun. ‘Hail the Madman’ and ‘Trouble In Utopia’ are polar opposites in the audio spectrum of the Everything Infinite LP. While the former is clearly the poppiest of pop tracks in the album, the latter delves deeper into sophisticated psychedelic soundscapes. Fortunately, everything in between is just as intriguing and offers a refreshing re-invention of summer pop.