You may have already heard new artist Yaarrohs on Glitch Mob’s single “Fly By Night Only,” but now the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is back with her impressive debut EP, Flesh & Blood (which is out on Glitch Mob’s Glass Air Records). Her sultry and unique vocals are what really make her stand out, as she often uses hypnotic layered vocal effects that serve as the back bone of many of her songs, along with haunting atmospherics and subtle electronic elements. Flesh & Blood is a simply gorgeous batch of songs that put an entirely new spin on the dream-pop genre.



Her single “Amber” will captivate you instantly with the amazing layered harmonized vocals that kick off the track and end up carrying it throughout its duration. Soon a tambourine, minimal electronic elements, and subtle percussion come in along with her airy lead vocals. It’s a super soothing and strong debut that will keep you coming back.



“Mountain” is a wonderfully calming track featuring soft atmospherics and a slowly thumping beat. Just after 1 minute in, a far-away sounding beat is added along with various echoey electronics that lay under her sugary sweet vocals beautifully. I love how she eases the listener out of the track with a hypnotic layered vocal effect that serves as the perfect ending.



“Atlas” is a blissful 4 minute experience packed with dizzying electronics, menacing drums, brooding atmospherics, and more of her stand-out vocal work. Her vocals really shine at the 1:36 mark, and the track continues to build and evolve throughout its duration making for a beautifully written track with a fantastic ending.

Since I have a feeling you instantly fell in love with Yaarrohs like I did, be sure to “like” her Facebook page and show her your support! And lastly, if you need even more awesome BitCandy-approved new music in your life then head on over here.


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