Waterloo, Canada-based new artist YOUNG LUNGS has proved he is quickly on his way to greatness with his latest EP, Contradictions. The young rapper/producer blends beautifully spacey electronics with hip hop-beats, while his laid-back vocal delivery makes for a totally fresh and intoxicating sound we can’t get enough of. Read on to discover one of our favorite new artists, Young Lungs—



Young Lungs has teamed up with buzzed-about producer TULPA for his track “Tears and Windows.” Light and airy electronics shimmer their way in as playful percussion that almost sounds like falling rain pulls you in deeper. Moody atmospherics and his hazy vocals set the track’s laid back tone as he opens up about a failing relationship: “…this music’s my priority/ you second up in line/ that and music don’t get old to me/ you get old over time.” As you hear more of his material, you'll quickly discover that brutally honest lyrics like that are totally one of his strong points.



“Growing” is off his latest EP, and it’s totally one of his stand-out tracks. A slow grooving and winding beat carries you into the track’s dreamy center, and once you hit the 0:46 mark you’ll find yourself totally immersed in it’s hazy atmospheric feel. “…and I’ll just be escaping to the place the music takes me/ I just want to be the greatest” he declares as the shimmering electronics swell into a spacey whirlwind you’ll keep wanting to come back to.



The hazy and dazed-out production on “Losing Sleep” is perfectly fitting, as his auto-tuned vocals add to the dreamlike and hypnotic feel of being in a sleep-deprived state. Soon the bass-heavy beat is joined by ticking and winding percussion as soaring synths serve as the perfect platform for his sleepy vocals as he admits, “I ain’t ever want to stop doing the things that I love/ I don’t want to get old/ don’t wanna grow up,” which is a perfect example of the types of thoughts you have while tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

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