Manchester-based new artist ZARA KERSHAW is making some self-described “dysfunctional pop” music that makes her stand-out from the trendy electropop crowd. Her distinct, soulful vocals and intricate production make for some seriously fresh-sounding moody pop music that is just what I’ve been waiting for. If you’re anything like me and are totally loving the alt-pop trend we’ve been having with artists like Florence and The Machine, Tove Lo, Lorde, and even Lana Del Rey, then you’ll totally love what Zara is doing with her songs “Landslides” and “Count The Days.” Read on to discover your favorite new alt-pop artist, ZARA KERSHAW.



If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds morphed into the same person, I think “Landslides” would be it! Her moody and deep vocals soar over dramatic keys before the thundering percussion draws you further in to the track. Hazy electric guitars, subtle electronics, and menacing atmospherics set the track’s unique romantic tone that makes her pop style so special. Things get beautifully LDR-reminiscent when she croons, “it’s electric/ he knows I’m soft to the touch/ and he thinks about it/ talking not saying too much.” It’s a powerful yet catchy track with memorable lyrics that will make you want to read along.



Her previous single, “Count The Days,” encompasses the perfect balance of catchy pop melodies and edgy instrumentation that serves as a perfect example of her style. A clap-filled beat pounds its way over dreamy keys, before unexpected Spanish guitar-style strings give the electropop track some sophistication. Her soaring and attention-demanding vocals would make Florence Welch proud, while the intricate percussion and production make for a seriously unique and uplifting song that you’ll keep coming back to.

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