New Artist Find: Gautier


Simmering hot new artist and Parisian electro-soul standout Gautier's new collaboration, "Untamed Flowers", delivers a track that just drips with atmosphere so sticky sweet I was a little worried I might have to clean the residue out of my headphones. This track pours out like chilled molasses through a screen door; it moves slowly, develops cautiously and eventually finds its mark. This is the kind of track I want to make soft, sweet summer love to.

Thanks to curator Francis for turning us on to this noteworthy collaboration. The fluid, effortless vocals of Jeffrey De Soul compliment the glossy, rhythmic beat laid down by Gautier and combine to make one of the most substantial and collectively appealing collaborations I've come across in awhile. It's almost like you can see the music.

Gautier has a whole host of unique and interesting tracks on his Soundcloud page, but beyond that he's sort of an enigma. He doesn't seem to have an EP available yet, or any tour dates scheduled, but I'll definitely be keeping my ear to the ground for those announcements.

This is some of the most exciting electronic music I've heard in awhile. The first thing I thought of when I heard "Untamed Flowers" was an electrified Frank Ocean, but Gautier actually makes smooth and soulful more interesting.

This unassuming and virtually unknown new artist from Paris has coopted American soul and strapped an uncompromising and engaging electronic beat to its back. It's an unlikely hybrid, but this trans-atlantic mashup's got teeth.