New Artist Find: Gossling


Not to be confused with the dude known to hey girls as Ryan Gosling, Australian folk-pop double-'s' peach Gossling is Melbourne's Helen Croome, a sweet, twenty-something heart quite possibly incubated in the same machine on that wily island of former prisoners and social misfits that produced the irresistible ear-worm powers of Gotye. Except, strewn with the bouncy quirk of Joanna Newsom's vocal chords, Croome uses her powers for somebody that she would very much like to know in the future, teasing "show me you would be, the one who could be, all that I ever crave" on a the noir, rockabilly-twanged "Wild Love:"

Ah, but here's the ruse - she's a vamp, a sadistic vamp. Immediately following "Wild Love" on her 2012 EP, Intentional Living - first degree proof right there - Croome shows her teeth, feeding off of a lover's pain. Drowning, falling, hurt, power, these are a few of her favorite things on "Heart Killer." Fitting for both the privileged lives of Upper East Side turdettes on Gossip Girl, that helped spread its seed, and evocative of the immoral lands from whence she came. Joke, Aussies, joke. We love you. A special nod to our Curator, Duffster for the new artist find:

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