I’ll admit it – I have a soft spot for Shoegazer  - it’s my one weakness (modest?) aside from Turbo Jam and Kaskade. From 90s Shoegazer rock like Catherine Wheel and Hum, to the current digital gazers like M83 and Passion Pit, staring at Converse rather than Doc Martens, I love it all. Pretty minor keys and heroin-soaked, dreamy vocals? You got me, gazers; my poker chips are all in.

Per above, I’d say that the closest two current artists that new Brooklyn duo Great Good Fine OK sound like are M83 and Passion Pit – an almost uncanny mixing of the two, actually. You have the echoed, falsetto male vocals and fun, playful synths of Passion Pit layered over slightly more haunting mids and production levels that reek of M83 (reek in a good way, like fine room temperature brie).

Though Great Good Fine OK’s seminal single, “You’re the One for Me,” which you can download on SoundCloud, sounds so reminiscent of these two, the shoegazing electro-pop group are not without their own cache. The lyrics are moderately more R&B than some other indie-electro acts, and there’s a wispiness to the high synth that’s refreshing and makes the track sound a little more lighthearted than certain afore-mentioned Frenchies, though they still remain comfortably in the more bubbly echelon of shoegazer-electro-indie.

Because of these elements, the listener will get the impression that Great Good Fine OK don’t take themselves as seriously as your average moody shoegazer, and this impression will be confirmed by the video for “You’re the One for Me,” posted on Vimeo in September. I don’t want to be too much of a spoiler, but let me just say it’s hilarious, and at the end of the video she eats that gross thing. Curious?

<p><a href="">Great Good Fine Ok - "You're The One For Me" Video</a> from <a href="">stereogum</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

From their Facebook page it looks like Great Good Fine ok are heretofore unsigned, but I’m hoping that will change soon, as I’d like to see what else these guys can do. There’s a pretty great range to this first single, and I think they could take it in any number of wacky, shoegazey directions. As it is, there are a couple of remixes of the track already out, so I think the sky’s the limit once they are picked up.  Check out their SoundCloud page, and judge for yourselves.

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