Andew Hozier-Bryne was born on St. Patricks Day and comes to us from Ireland, so you can’t really get any more Irish than that. Going by the stage name Hozier, this new artist is a singer-songwriter with a heavy soul and blues influence who is sure to be liked by fans of bands like the Black Keys or any of Jack White’s projects. He recently released his four-song EP, Take Me To Church, on Rubyworks records and it's definitely worth a listen.

The latest single, “Take Me To Church,” has been creating some buzz for its controversial video that addresses the violence and discrimination that the gay community is facing in Russia. But the song can also stand on its own because it’s simply a good song that will have you clicking ‘replay’ after your first listen. Hozier’s voice is full of emotion, and the lyrics are quite intriguing. The opening line is probably my favorite, “My lover’s got humor/ She’s the giggle at a funeral” and “I was born sick, but I love it.”

“Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene” (try to say that song title three times fast) is one of his bluesier songs, featuring stripped down electric guitar and plenty of hand claps. Hozier’s vocals are extra soulful on this track, and once the chorus kicks in you will find yourself humming along in no time.

“Cherry Wine” is a more quiet and laid back track, but his soulfulness still shines through in the way he expresses his unconditional love for that “special someone” in his life. With lyrics like, “But I want it, it’s a crime/ That she’s not around most of the time” can’t make you help but tilt your head while saying “d’awww.” It’s a sweet little tune but I think he took it just a tad too far by throwing in the sounds of chirping birds throughout the song.

I think it’s safe to say that this guy isn’t going away any time soon, so be sure to check out his entire EP on his SoundCloud page (and if you like it, show him some support and buy it on iTunes!).

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