New Artist: Incan Abraham


Though they try a little too wondrously to define themselves as evocative of "themes ancient and far away, while confronting you with the immediacy and paradoxes of life today," if you have any familiarity with the terrain of spacious psych rock these days -- Grizzly Bear, Beach House -- consider the OZ-PR curtain lifted.

What we have here in these four hearts from LA (via NYC) is the My Morning Jacket of the veritable Animal Collective, falsetto vocal ranges included. Burbling drum machines, shakers, spread-winged guitars and a meditative, swirling harmony howling on about "why are we dreaming," "Springhouse" is the realization that there are more profound satisfactions than four walls and adobe slats for your girls:

However, should you want to remain in the OZ that they've crafted, it ain't a bad shade of glasses. It's clear they're interested in an organic journey to the center of their perceived laddering, melodic truth on the breadth of their only record to date, an EP dubbed Ancient Vacation. There aren't any jarring Yaesayer hip-shifts. But rather tribal build-and-charges like "Third Man," a haunting companion piece to "Springhouse" utilizing more of their drum kit as they move from every ethereal gear to a full on palpitating jam, with plenty of reverb waves to freak out on along the way. So goes the saying the journey is in the experience, no?


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