New Artist: Jarell Perry


Move over Frank Ocean, our boy JP is coming through to sweep that smooth sailing R&B game right out from under your feet. Meet today's featured new artist, Jarell Perry, brought to you by our latest new Curator, Prodby.Hassan...and that can be you here for more info on how to submit.

So thank you to Prodby.Hassan for bringing this to our attention, because Perry is a straight Win.

This guy is going to get big quick. And while many of you plebeians are going to think his strong point is when he provides his vocals over electronic upbeat jams. However, I challenge you. Now think diversity, and step away from the EDM crackpipe...You're still here...And I know you're capable of listening to a pianos-and-vocals-only track..I just know you have it in you.

Perry's the equivalent of a Greek siren calling us "All Aboard," but don't worry if it's your "First Time," because Perry's fantastic delivery will guide you ever so gently, every step of the way.

"Whiskey a Go Go," though, is the crowd pleaser for the general masses; a remarkably radio-friendly-R&B-tune centered around our favorite hobby other than breathing: DRINKING.

Much to our liking, Perry just dropped his debut LP, Simple Things, and it's available for FREE. THAT'S RIGHT...FREE on his facebook page now.