New Artist Find: Kids Of The Apocalypse


Damn, our curators are good! Here’s another New Artist gem bought to you by Scotsman Duffster, and I can bet you’re either gonna love it or hate it, and that’s what makes this so much fun!  And BTW if you think you can one up us on a new band find...maybe you want to submit it and become a Curator.  More info here  On to the story at hand.  

Kids of the Apocalypse, aka KOTA, are weird. Super fucking weird! Just how I like ‘em. Even their website makes me feel like I’m on drugs. But hey, that’s not a bad thing! What I like about them is that even though you may have heard a similar version of their electronic masterpieces, you’ve never heard it quite like this. Playing with highs and lows, fast and slows, bizarre samples and clearly some raw mixing talent, if you’re looking for a new electro act to idealize this summer, you’ve just found it!

They’re new as hell with only 300 odd Facebook friends and no wiki page (boo!), there’s hardly anything out there to research. And here’s the interesting thing about that; the only thing we can judge them on are the following two tracks, and goddamn, do they speak volumes!  

"Masters Of The Sun" is their only music video right now, so you better fucking enjoy it! Who knows where they dug up those clips, but it’s one of the most unique and entertaining things I’ve seen all year. KUDOS! I’ve got a feeling these guys are going to be as unpredictable as microwaving pizza.

Now this is where things get interesting! Apparently these kids have some dope remixing skills. It’s tight, it’s neat and I want it all over my face while I run around at some far out summer music festival. To appreciate this mix you have to check out the original, so here it is:

Wanna see something mind-blowing? Check out the coolest website I’ve ever seen, courtesy of KOTA. And then head to their Facebook page, click like and tell them just how much you love them, in detail, of course.