New Artist: Little Green Cars


Though plagued with a little twee in the lyric department - "You go outside dressed like that/You knew it was gonna happen didn't you?" - this Irish set of Band of Horsian youths (one of our new music for 2013 favs), weave some pastoral-fuzz hooks that marry boy-girl harmonies right and quick, whipping through the cosmics of country at their whim. Or rather, at the click of a foot pedal.

"The John Wayne" is every transitory car ride you've ever taken in your coming-into-adulthood years, reminding that "there's more people out there to love than people who love you." Maybe this car is little and green:

But they all do metropolitan something fierce, too. You'll still hear the squeak of those cosmic pastoral reverb tweaks, but confident, shouting choral arrangements in the streets, jabbing out stallion staccato bridges, huffing and clattering through pavement, sentiments and buildings crumbling around them.

They call this the "Witching Hour," and it's refreshingly more cryptic in metaphor and triumph with fist and cross and hole-digging imagery. And damned if it needs a little green car to get by:

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