New Artist Find: LOLO


The thing about New Artists is that they always seem to sound like old artists. But at Bitcandy we don’t just give you the same old shit you’ve hear a million times before. No ways! We find undiscovered artists that have something special. Something unique. Something that’ll last. Or rather our curator deeptimpact does it for us! So hop on your high horse because this is your chance to listen to some great music and then brag about your impeccable taste afterwards. Fun times!


LOLO - Year Round Summer Of Love

I probably should’ve mentioned more about Miss LOLO in the intro, but fuck the system, right?! And besides, it’s about time you stop focusing on details and start listening to the music. For instance, "Year Round Summer Of Love" is one of those tracks that you’ll either love or hate. If you love it, good. If you hate it, then you probably didn’t listen to the whole track. I wish I could have a year round summer of love. Or just any love. I’m so lonely. Luckily, this track makes me feel a little less lonely and a little more funky.


LOLO - Weapon For Saturday

For a chick that was just featured on a Panic! At The Disco track, she’s a really good singer. Surprise, surprise! LOLO is one of our emerging artists that’ll just keep surprising you. She sounds like Adele, if Adele was young at heart and sexy. But what really gets me about this track is how different it is from the previous one. Range; now that’s something hard to find these days. Anyway, it’s well written, well performed and it makes me feel tough.    

I'm not just a skinny Adele


LOLO - Heard It From A Friend

BOOM! "Heard It From A Friend" hits harder than your mamma on steroids. The fact that woman have finally figured out how to be soppy and strong at the same time, makes for some good music. Balls to the walls, ladies! Also, who hasn’t heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend’s friend?! It’s like an everyday occurrence in my life, at least.

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