New Artist: Lorca


It's as if the boundaries of time and space have slowly ripped away, and you're slowly drifting into the far reaches of the astral continuum. Dissolving into the very fabric that is outerspace is how you'll feel when you let our new find, Lorca, pilot your next auditory voyage.

"Have I told you" that you are in for quite a treat when this baby-face-by-way-of Brighton starts bumpin' beats? Well there you go, now you know. Fuckin' Brits are just killing it. Honestly, props...keep holdin' it down!

Let yourself slide deep into your computer chair, lay-z-boy, or just plain big ole couch, light one up if that's your jam, and enjoy the smoothness. Very nice down-tempo, bass, minimalist type shit with some straight-out-of-the-congo type jungle percussion. I can dig that shit all day!

For a young little 22 year old new artist, this ma'fuckas not half bad!  (in fact he made BitCandy so yeah!). Big ups to our curators for keeping us up to speed with the up and coming youth doing big things all over the planet. Keep up with him over at to find out when his next tracks are out.