Meet Mideau (pronounced “mid-oh”, if you were struggling): a two-piece indie pop/rock act - or “eclectic pop”, according to their Facebook page - who split their time between being from Salt Lake City, Utah and Washington, D.C. Its members, Libbie Linton and Spencer J. Harrison, used Kickstarter to raise money to fund the recording and production of their full-length album, which is expected to be ready for our listening pleasure in early 2014. For fans of artists like Fiest, Cat Power, and Bon Iver, this is one new band that you will definitely want to check out.

When I first heard “Way With Words,” I was instantly hooked on the cute little bass line once the song began (I’m a sucker for noticeable bass lines…and yeah, I do think “cute” is the appropriate word for it!). Libbie’s sultry vocals layer on top of the dream-like keyboards and sporadic electric guitar ever so nicely. While listening to this song, I found myself daydreaming about lying in bed all day with a loved one (or who am I kidding? More like lying in bed with my dog and iPad) while doing nothing but drinking coffee and listening to records. It’s the type of song that compliments a calm and lazy day without teetering on the edge of depressing or sleep-inducing, which is always refreshing.

I have a feeling that this time next year when you’re ordering your grande, extra hot, up-side down, whatever the fuck vanilla late with extra whip at Starbucks, you’ll probably be hearing one of their songs playing over the speakers (or maybe they’re more fit for Urban Outfitters? Hmmm…I haven’t decided yet). So be ahead of everyone else and keep checking back on their official site for updates on their album and tour dates.

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