Just in time for the cold, wet, winter that’s pretty much already here comes Minni Lovelle (aka Yasemin Turan, when she’s not serenading us) all the way from the Midlands, UK. This self described singer-songwriter just debuted on the scene with a three track EP that happens to be the perfect soundtrack for closing your blinds, cozying up under a pile of blankets with a hot cup of coffee (or Kahlua - I wont tell anyone) and taking a mini vacation from the stresses of the outside world. For fans of Zero 7, Massive Attack, and maybe even Lana Del Rey, this new artist is definitely for you.

Too bad time travel isn’t possible (…yet!), because “Holes In My Suitcase” would have fit in ever so nicely on the Garden State soundtrack. But since we can’t go back to 2004 when Zach Braff still had an actual career, you’ll just have to listen to the track right now and get lost in it’s stylishly gloomy vibe.

garden state

(Sorry, Zach.)

“No Escape” is a dark, more electronic twist on modern pop music. She sings “you and me, we were drifting slowly in a fragile sky” and that’s exactly what it sounds like. The chorus is catchy, without losing her signature eerie vocals and dreamy beats. You will quickly find yourself humming along and pressing the repeat button on this one.

“What I Knew” will grab your attention from the start. Her haunting vocals lay over the echoey beat, and distant sounding piano beautifully. The song builds over time and climaxes around the 2:10 mark, where it turns into a dramatic, electronic whirlwind that will suck you in completely.

She may only have three tracks available at the moment, but I’m certain you will be hearing the name ‘Minni Lovelle' around town in the very near future. So if you know what’s good for you, head over to her Facebook page and show her some love and be the first to hear what she comes out with next. And last but not least, I’d like to give a shout out to Curator, Duffster, for putting this awesome new artist on our radar!