New Artist Find: MT Warning


No, that’s not Macklemore! The subject of our new artist post is way better looking and actually has talent (kidding...Macklemore is all bombz). Their name is MT Warning (aka Mikey Bee and the Vagabond Three) and although that sounds like some sort of 80s rap group that never quite made it, they’re producing music that is truly inspiring, even to us mere internet-bound mortals. These Australian dudes really know what’s up when it comes to hauntingly captivating music that they describe as the result of “filmic conversations.” Well, damn! Now those are some fancy concepts. Now let’s take a trip down under and find out what good music really sounds like.


MT Warning – Forward Miles

This video, just wow! You can totally see what they meant by all that “filmic conversation” stuff. It’s rare that a band with only a few tracks to their name has such an amazing catalogue of music videos, but with this band, it’s not surprising! They take their videos very seriously, and once you get to know them, so will you. The lyrics on this one are crazy good, breathe-takingly moving and super fitting to any 20-something year old out there. It’s like pure genius, filling up all your senses until your left with a feeling of absolute awe. Yes, I like this song that much!


MT Warning – Youth Bird

I’m going to say it; why aren’t these guys famous yet? Apparently frontman Mikey Bee recorded the song in one night by playing all the instruments himself. I mean, who does that?! A crazy Australian who really loves making music, that’s who! I could listen to these guys all day, in fact, I have. More than once. This music just makes me want to lay back and contemplate life and all that. Maybe Mikey will join and explain the universe to me, I’m sure he knows all the secrets.


MT Warning – Burn Again

The intro of this track sounds a little like the soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy so of course I’m immediately in love. This song is darker, heavier, made for those bad days that never end. What the what?! It only has about 1,000 or so views on YouTube. You better be sharing this thing around before I even tell you to, because by now I trust that you know what’s good and what sucks huge donkey dick. And this, my friends, does not suck huge donkey dick at all. In fact, it is the dick that we should all be sucking. Does that make sense?! No. OK, it’s good, how else can I say that?