Winged eyeliner? Check. Crop tops? Check. Tattoos and/or body piercings? Check. Finally, a band that’s edgy enough to appear on a Tumblr fashion blog and yet non-threatening enough to appeal to your mother. Meet Oh Honey, a folk-pop duo from Brooklyn. Danielle Bouchard and Mitchy Collins create up beat pop songs with acoustic guitar and boy-girl vocals that are so catchy that they recently signed with Atlantic Records and are playing shows with the likes of James Blunt and The Fray. These new artists are making a splash just in time to show up on your feel-good Summer road trip play lists.

Fresh cut grass, one cold beer, thank the lord I am here. If you’re anything like me, that line just leaves you reaching for some Claritin and wishing you had more than one beer. But no matter how cynical you are, you should totally keep listening to this song because it is a guaranteed mood booster. With acoustic guitar, some very cheery-sounding piano, and a chorus with lyrics like, can’t complain about much these days, I believe we’ll be okay, I feel like this song will end up in a Hershey’s chocolate commercial any day now.

Have you been on the lookout for a song that is sure to be played at indie-rock weddings for years to come? Well, look no further because “I Love You Will Still Sound The Same” is that song. With lyrics like, when our rings start to rust and our skin starts to age, remember the promise we made, the song is sure to touch your heart and get you all gooey about that special someone (unless you’re going through a breakup…in that case this song will probably cause you to stand over the sink while polishing off a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s. Sorry). Plus, the video is like a live-action Pintrest board titled “Wedding-inspo.”

Since I’m sure you found their sound disgustingly infectious, make sure to show them support by purchasing their EP, With Love, on iTunes now and ‘like’ their Facebook!

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