New Artist: Reignwolf


Imagine there's this back alley that's dimly lit. Smokey-fucking-dungeon-style-red light plays on the bricks, and greasy alley cats knock around the garbage acting as perimeter security guards. Yet, the sound from inside the door is pulsing with life and you have to go in.

Except when you walk inside the door, you've traveled back 40 years, and all of the guitar legends you could imagine are getting stone cold hammered drunk, watching this guy play. I give you Reignwolf.

When you ask your next hipster if they've heard of "Reignwolf" and they say "yeah" and breeze you off... you know they've lied to you, and in that extra douchey way they love doing oh so much. Although there are videos of him with a band, the dude is a one freakin' man band! and his guitar just oozes classic old- school rock-n-roll blues brilliance.

Apparently he used to jam with B.B. King in grade-school? Are you kidding-me? He sweats like a rocker. He's got dope chops (in both guitar and sideburn terms). And he stomps the shit out of the drum, while perfecting that classic lead-man vocal raspy-ness.

He's also on the Coachella 2013 lineup, so I'd suggest checking him out if you aren't too busy saving up all of your daytime energy to let loose during the ever so forceful headlining set performed by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, or too drunk / drugged up to go in before a single musical act is played.

I do, however, encourage getting just enough drunk and visiting the stage during Reignwolf to stomp your foot, bang your head, and feel like a god damn American! (even though he's Canadian :-))