New EDM Artist: Roman Nose


Many music acts are known for wearing masks. It's been done before. However….today’s featured artist wear masks not for entertainment purposes, ho no, but rather to “conceal their identities while performing due to outstanding bail and immigration issues.”

That’s BitCandy’s latest artist submission, “techelectrio,” Roman Nose, and they are some bad ass dudes. They sound like some fucked up British-Zombies trying to hide in the real world so they can get their electro freak on. Oh wait I forgot, that’s actually exactly what’s happening.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t even going to click on this song... KILL THE VAMPYRS…maybe its my mild OCD but god dammit I hate mis-spellyngz. And I despise vampire teen wizadry-twilighty-type-references. But they're talking about killing those very…I’ll dabble. Fuck it. Kill the vampires!! I'm on board.

Oh and they’re on board too! I can just imagine the scene: Tyler Lauttnter (or whatever) and the pale-one-espression-ghost meeting these guys…Kill the vampyrzzzz? That not cool?!?! And……MACK.

That’s the sound of several-sinister-steel-boot-to-face knock out kicks from the masked denim clad madmen. Seems this may be a recurring theme for the trio as well.

YOUTHCLUBBED is a menacingly friendly tune. I picture this as the anthem to the very party they were throwing for destroying those damn twilight twins. I'm definitely joining the next dawn of the dead themed holiday party they throw. This is cult music, for the darkest of EDM fans.