New Artist: Sacred Caves (Synth Pop Butt Crunches)


I was 8 when I experience my first hallucination. The doctors called it a concussion...whatever! I was on a school field trip exploring caves in San Diego; jumping from rock to rock (not smart) I slipped, hit my head, and blacked out. I experienced something that I thought no other human had experienced...until now!

The California duo known as Greg & Nyles, apparently know all about the mysterious wonders that lie within abandoned caves. Legend has it that the caves the guys were exploring contained hallucinatory powers that inspired the group name Sacred Caves. I had a chance to listen to their track, "On the Outside," last week, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head...literally have the track on repeat.

This video goes out to all you synthpop/electro/butt flexing lovers! Check out the Ron Jeremy 80’s inspired video.


Sacred Caves - On the Outside (OFFICIAL)

With all those sweet rhythmic beats, I can totally understand why the starlet’s arse was twitching in her sleep.

From the little that I know about Sacred Caves, the guys are true to the synth-pop genre and have a good consistency of backbeats and cathy harmonies throughout their first EP, Sanctarium. This kind of music is perfect for those days where you need a pick me up or for when you need a good song to do some heavy sets of butt crunches.

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